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Journeys into health. . .
Even as a child, I experienced a deep connection with our non-human
brothers and sisters.  Growing up, two of my closest friends were the
dogwood tree in the back yard, and a large black dog which
mysteriously showed up on our property every summer for several
years.   A bit of a loner, I often set out on solo adventures in and
around the woods and creeks near our house in Northeastern PA.

While my mother would never have referred to herself as such, she
was somewhat of a prairie dog.  Every day she made the rounds
visiting and running errands for the Grandmothers and Grandfathers
on our block, typically with me in tow.  

These daily encounters with the Elders of our community soon
developed within me a drive to live my life in the service of others.
It was this same drive and love of nature which, many years later, drew me to the path of Shamanic
Healing.  Along the way, I have learned that in order to become an effective conduit for the healing of
others, one must learn how to facilitate one's own personal health and recovery.  This is the central idea in
the Myth of the Wounded Healer.  Here our afflictions become our teachers.  Our actions become an
example. Healing the self teaches one to become a conduit for - and compassionate witness to - the healing
of others.  The scars we receive along the way speak not so much of the times we've fallen, but of the
resources we've discovered within ourselves while getting back to our feet.

During this journey of transformation, we descend into our own personal darkness and emerge stronger for
it into the light - only to repeat the same process over and over again.  We do this not only for ourselves,
but that we might learn to assist others in their struggle to do the same.  It is through this dance that we
become the Hollow Bone; a vessel of Spirit's love and light, that both might flow through us and into the
world for the greatest good of All Our Relations.

While I initially received basic and advanced training in Michael Harner's  Core Shamanic method of healing
beginning in 2006, my own work has deepened since then to include practices passed on to me by other
teachers as well.  

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"Walking the drum.

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