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Journeys into health. . .
My name is Ben Jezierski.

The ancients tell us that first you heal yourself.  After you’ve healed yourself, then you begin to heal your
neighbor.  Once your neighbor is healed, then you move onto healing your village.  Eventually by following this
path, you begin to heal the world.  It’s an ever widening circle of healing which begins much the same place as
charity does: at home.

The word shaman (from “saman” meaning “one who knows”, or “one who sees in the dark”) comes to us from
the Tungusic speaking peoples of North Asia.  These included the Mongols, Turks, and other peoples native to
the area.

One central aspect of shamanism is the belief that in the midst of ecstasy, brought on by intense drumming,
ingestion of sacred plant or mushroom helpers, or other ritualistic practices like fasting or dance, the shaman’s
spirit leaves his or her body and travels to the Spirit World where it meets with Ancestors, Teachers, Animal
Spirits, or other guides for the purpose of obtaining information which is then brought back and disseminated
amongst the tribe for the greater good of all.  A shaman typically  undertakes such a journey  for the purpose
of discovering the proper course of healing work for a patient, to obtain answers to important questions, or to
learn a new ritual or power song to be used for blessing, curing, or honoring those who’ve passed on.

In tribal societies, one often receives his or her calling  through “shamanic illness”, or some other drastic
event, like a life-threatening accident.  It is believed that a person so afflicted leaves their body and travels to
the Spirits, under whose tutelage they learn how to heal themselves.  Should the person survive this ordeal,
he or she is then  taken under the wing of an elder shaman who in turn passes on their knowledge to the

In today’s Western world however, one finds many who come to this work through methods like Michael
Harner’s Core Shamanism, which teaches practices common to many tribal societies throughout the world,
lifted from their cultural milieu and presented in such a way as to be adaptable to modern life.  

While there are many on both sides in the debate over the validity of such methods, personal experience has
shown the techniques to be remarkably effective in treating a variety of  mental, emotional, physical, and
spiritual trauma.  And yet, I claim no personal credit for these occurrences.  I am simply a conduit of Spirit’s
light, which flows through me and into the world for the greatest good of All My Relations.

Although I cannot speak to the manner in which your own healing might unfold, I can tell you from personal
experience that the road back to health is often a very long and arduous one.  For some, this will involve
very deep and extremely difficult work.  

If you are looking for a spiritual quick fix, this is not the path for you.  However, if you are ready to make a
serious commitment to yourself, to honor your spirit's integrity, and to take whatever steps are necessary to
bring about your own well-being,  then I promise you that I will work with you to the extent that you are
ready and willing  to work for yourself.
 Your life and your wellness are precious gifts,  and should be
regarded as nothing less.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions or would like to discuss setting up an appointment.

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"Walking the Drum".

I look forward to hearing from you.

Be well.