• One-on-one shamanic counseling sessions:   Although I cannot speak to the manner in which your
    own healing might unfold, I can tell you from personal experience that the road back to health is often a
    very long and arduous one.  For some, this process will involve very deep and extremely difficult work
    over an extended period of time.   During one-on-one sessions lasting approximately two hours, I work
    with each person who comes to see me according to his or her own specific needs.  If you have any
    questions or would like to set up an appointment, please e-mail me and I'll be happy to talk with you.

  • Individual and Group Drum Healing Work: For thousands of years, cultures from all over the world
    have embraced and celebrated the power of the drum as a way of individual and communal healing.
    Whether in group settings or individual appointments, sacred drumming sessions allow us to move
    beyond words and find emotional release through deeper rhythm.

  • Distance Work: While I do prefer to work face to face, for those dealing with travel restrictions due to
    time constraints, health reasons, or lack of  transportation,  I am often able to offer distance healing
    work.  If you have any questions or special concerns, please  e-mail me and we'll see what we can
    arrange for you.

  • Personalized Wedding / Memorial Services:  Through ceremony we honor ourselves and our
    commitment to community.  Together we'll create the perfect celebration to mark your decision to share
    your life with someone you love, or to honor the life and contribution of someone who's passed on.   
    Please  e-mail me  if you have any questions and we'll arrange an appointment to discuss your needs.  
    Further details may also be found on the Ceremonies page of this site.
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Journeys into health. . .
Services Offered
The techniques described on this website are not intended as a form of - or replacement for -  
conventional medical or psychological services.  They can, however, work wonderfully in tandem
with Western medicine.  If you have any preexisting medical or psychological conditions, or are
currently undergoing treatment of any kind,  please consult with your physician before considering
this type of work.
Please  e-mail me if you have any questions.  I'll be glad to set up a time for us to
discuss your  needs.