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While I cannot speak to the manner in which your healing might unfold, I can tell you from my own experience that the road back to health is often a very long and arduous one.  For some, this will involve very deep and extremely difficult work.  If you are looking for a spiritual quick fix, this is not the path for you.  However, if you are ready to make a solid commitment to yourself, to honor your soul's integrity, and to take whatever steps are necessary to bring about your own well-being,  then I promise you that I will work with you to the extent that you are ready and willing  to work for yourself.  Your life and your wholeness are precious gifts, and should be treated as nothing less. 


If you have any questions, you can reach me by phone at 856-577-2126 or e-mail at

I look forward to hearing from you

Frequently Asked Questions

I charge no set fees for the services I provide.  Instead, I offer a sliding scale of $125- $250 for private individual sessions, typically around 2 hours in length. I do this because your needs may require multiple sessions over an extended period of time and I want us to be able to continue as long as is needed for you to complete your personal journey of healing and growth.

I simply ask that you look within yourself - and to Spirit -  to find a true assessment of the value of the work we’ll be doing together, and respond accordingly.  Reclaiming what is rightfully yours is not about finding the least expensive way out. It's about determining the true value of your health and assuming the responsibility for committing the necessary energy and resources to that end.  This is a journey of balance, and if you search deeply and honestly enough you’ll know what feels right. 


Can I receive these services if I'm currently taking medication, or have any preexisting health conditions?

The techniques described on this website are not intended as a replacement for conventional medical or psychological services.  They can, however, work wonderfully side by side with traditional Western medicine.  If you have any preexisting medical or psychological conditions, or are currently undergoing treatment of any kind,  please consult your health care professional before considering this type of work.  

While I do prefer to work face to face, for those dealing with travel restrictions due to time constraints, health issues,  geographic location, or lack of transportation, I am able to offer  distance work via phone or Zoom.

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