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"As soon as I could face my spirit's resolve to uncover the healing my heart truly needed, I began seeing Ben Jezierski, at the recommendation of a trusted friend, to help guide me in the process. I've been working on personal embodiment, empowerment of my voice, and abandonment issues, after dealing with ongoing sexual trauma I experienced in my young adult life.


While I still feel new in the outset of this journey, I can see the positive growths I've been making which look like dedication and discipline to my personal practices, ability to dive deeper and challenge negative self-talk, strengthening of my voice and intuition,  learning to witness my self  as a compassionate observer, and continuing to prioritize the depth of healing I am becoming present to.


I'm thankful to Ben for his grounded, compassionate counsel which has helped to create a safe container for me to experience the fullness of my emotionality - and my self - and to heal along this journey. Very much grateful to you, Ben, and for our work together. "



"Ben is a highly principled, warm, and well- trained professional. It is clear that he is attuned to humans as a person and also as a shaman. He defies New Age stereotypes with sensitive and sensible practices. I trust him to work with persons who request a way through a current or long- term crisis."


VP Children's Services


"It's hard to to explain the impact that my work with Ben has had on my life. I want to say something like Ben saved my life, but through this work I understand that it has been my work and my own healing and I deserve much credit for this process. Honestly though, I have never met a person so compassionate and so strong to sit with another through thick and thin while they relearn how to feel. Ben has been there for this work. How to honestly assess myself, to come to grips with the wrongs and rights I have committed,to take responsibility for my life, to be authentic.


I have learned so much and come so far and can't express how grateful I am. Especially in this world that teaches us blame and escapism, Ben is helping me develop my own sense of integrity and humility: something that I've never encountered before; something that is desperately needed."


"Working with Ben has allowed me to work through my traumas on my terms and in connection with Spirit. I needed help. I needed change.  I considered a traditional Western therapist, but found that most would focus on behavioral changes. I wanted something deeper,  and so I started working with Ben. It has been challenging and sometimes frustrating, but after a year it has led to some wonderful discoveries and healing.  Ben has walked along my path with me, providing support and love so that I can confidently find peace and bring forth my gifts. Ben takes a very personal approach to this work and that makes me feel secure and heard. "



"Throughout the  years I've worked with Ben, I’ve  continued to grow.  What's more, I've had the opportunity to grow in many directions.  I've learned different traditions, and learned to foster personal traditions in my own way as well.  I've seen my family life, personal life, work, and spiritual life all benefit from the experience and self-knowledge I've gained through our years of working together.  The work I've done with Ben has also brought about a deep partnership, friendship, and involvement in a larger community.  I've never been pushed in a direction that I haven't wanted to go myself, and only been given the challenges I was ready for.  I'm thankful to Ben for everything he's offered me and helped me accomplish."


New Jersey

"I have come to rely on my sessions with Ben.  Despite resistance at first, working with him is the only outlet I have found to create LASTING change.  He listens to me babble on with patience.  He says what I need to hear, and doesn't push beyond what I can manage.  No matter my mood, Ben isn't offended, but takes it all in stride.  I have recommended Ben to friends and family members.  If you are ready to face yourself, Ben can help guide your journey. "

Osteopathic Medical Student

Tennessee (distance work recipient)

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